Local Development

Go Backend

The Go Backend acts as:

  • Backend store and API for the Policy Report pushes
  • File server for the NuxtJS single page application (the actual UI)
  • HTTP proxy for the Policy Reporter REST API
  • HTTP proxy for the Kyverno plugin REST API (if enabled)


  • Go >= v1.19

Getting started

Fork and/or checkout Policy Reporter UI on GitHub

The Go Backend is located in the ./server directory

Install dependencies

cd servergo get ./...

Running Policy Reporter UI

go run main.go -no-ui -dev -port=8082

Argument Reference

-configpath to the Policy Reporter UI config fileconfig.yaml
-devadds the Access-Control-Allow-Origin HTTP header
to all APIs to avoid CORS errors
-no-uidisables the SPA handler to start the backend without the UI,
only for development purposes
-policy-reporterHost URL to Policy Reporter,
used to proxy API requests to and from the UI
-kyverno-pluginHost URL to Policy Reporter Kyverno plugin,
used to proxy API requests to and from the UI
-portused port for the HTTP server8080

Compile and run Policy Reporter UI

make build./build/policyreporter-ui -no-ui -dev -port=8082

NuxtJS Frontend

The actual frontend is a single page application based on NuxtJS and TypeScript.


  • NodeJS >= v16
  • Local running Policy Reporter UI backend
  • Accessible Policy Reporter REST API
  • Accessible Kyverno plugin REST API (optional)


Access Policy Reporter via port forwarding:

kubectl port-forward service/policy-reporter 8080:8080 -n policy-reporter

Access Policy Reporter Kyverno plugin via port forwarding:

kubectl port-forward service/policy-reporter-kyverno-plugin 8083:8080 -n policy-reporter

Start the Policy Reporter UI server in development mode without the UI. The server has to be started in the server directory of the Policy Reporter UI project.

go run main.go -no-ui -dev -port=8082 -policy-reporter http://localhost:8080 -kyverno-plugin http://localhost:8083

Install Dependencies

Dependencies are managed with NPM.

npm install

Running Policy Reporter UI

Create a .env file to configure the Policy Reporter UI backend URL. With this setup you can just copy the prepared .env.example.

cp .env.example .env

Start the NuxtJS development server

npm run dev

Open http://localhost:3000.

Check the output of the npm run dev command if this port is not working.