Config Reference

Configuration file reference with all possible options.

apiConfig:  # enable API debug logging  logging: false  # set forward and origin headers  overwriteHost: false  # authorize API calls against HTTP Basic authenticated API calls  basicAuth:    username: ""    password: ""    secretRef: "" # get username/password from existing secretlogSize: 200displayMode: "" # Possible options: "dark" / "light"# Used in the ClusterSelect, if you configure additional clustersclusterName: Dev Cluster# Attention: be sure that your APIs are not accessable for the outside world# Use tools like VPN, private Networks or internal Network Load Balancer to expose your APIs in a secure way to the UIclusters: - name: External Cluster                              # name used for the selection of the Cluster   api: https://policy-reporter.external.cluster       # reachable external Policy Reporter REST API   kyvernoApi: https://kyverno-plugin.external.cluster # (optional) reachable external Policy Reporter Kyverno Plugin REST API    username: username                                  # HTTP BasicAuth Username    password: password                                  # HTTP BasicAuth Password    secretRef: auth-secret                              # all configuration can also provided as existing secret with the related key/value pairs, except the cluster name.views:  # information shown on the overall dashboard / index page  dashboard:    policyReports: true    clusterPolicyReports: true    # hides entire pages / views  logs: true  policyReports: true  clusterPolicyReports: true  kyvernoPolicies: true  kyvernoVerifyImages: trueredis:  enabled: false  address: "redis:6379"  database: 0  prefix: "policy-reporter-ui"  username: ""  password: ""